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A warm welcome to the world of Watchman Racing - Est. 1992.

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We aim to provide a friendly service with high-class betting information from the UK, Ireland and Europe. This betting information comes from across the UK and many shrewd insider sources built up over the past twenty-four years including Kevin’s time as racing columnist for the News of the World. Kevin has many good friends in the horse racing, betting and tipping industry including full-time professional punters. We also work very closely with our Trading Room staff who monitor betting activity every day and give us the heads-up on significant market moves including well-planned major gambles and tips. We have seen many tipping services come and go over the past two decades; the reason they fail is that they don’t have the right contacts and therefore can’t get access to the correct information. Now you’re with Watchman Racing you don’t need guessers, pinstickers or con artists: avoid them like the plague. We are a serious, professional business with the aim of providing long-term profits for our members. Losing runs happen, of course, but ours are short-lived and easily sustainable. We always back our own tips, which is not something all tipsters do. Some of the profit is used to buy our own horses and keep them in training. Below is a list of horses we have owned outright or had significant shares in:​​

​LADY ARDROSS (Alf Smith) never won or placed - our first experience of ownership               
CAPTAIN TANCRED (Brian Ellison) WON 1 - 2nd 0 - 3rd 2
HENRY TUN (John Balding) WON 6 - 2nd 5 - 3rd 5
SHORT CHORUS (John Balding) WON 1 - 2nd 2 - 3rd 1
COURT OF APPEAL (Brian Ellison) WON 11 - 2nd 8 - 3rd 8
BOUGIETOPIECES (Gordon Elliott) WON 2 - 2nd 3 - 3rd 0
COMPTON ECLAIR (Brian Ellison) WON 3 - 2nd 7 - 3rd 6
SHAN DUN NA NGALL (Gordon Elliott) WON​ 2 - 2nd 1 - 3rd 2

PERSHING (Olly Murphy) Won 1 - 2nd 0 - 3rd 0